Health and Wellness

Medical Insurance Benefits Services - Health and Wellness Information, San Jose, California

As we all work together to find solutions to the ever-increasing healthcare costs, there is a growing movement that is focusing on prevention as a means to a possible cure. For now, we call this movement "Wellness."

Wellness as an employee benefit means many things from learning how to live a healthy lifestyle to dealing with the explosion of both Type II childhood and adult obesity to exploring new forms of consumerism when it comes to medical expenses. As employers, we can offer basic Wellness Programs to our employees without breaking the bank.

What Employers Can Do (Checklist):

From simple to more involved

  • Turn packaging around in the vending machines so nutritional content is visible to buyer. Also stock vending machines with healthier items.
  • Create Management/employee Wellness Committee to institute company programs.
  • Identify employees who are mentors or champions for healthy activies and ask to present their programs.
  • Offer free, healthy snacks for employees (fruits, nuts, popcorn)
  • Walking contest/program. Or just hold walking meetings
  • List of local restaurants with healthy menus
  • Hire local dietician/nutritionist as a resource for employees who want information on healthy eating, meal planning or weight control.
  • Offer a list of helpful websites for employees to visit and learn more about various wellness topics like this wonderful site The World's Healthiest Foods.
  • Form a support group to help employees who are trying to lose weight
  • On site flu shots
  • On site health risk assessments to all employees, including counseling and follow-ups
  • Discount Gym memberships
  • Wellness newsletter or publish/post healthy tips in newsletters, paycheck stuffers, bulletin boards, etc.
  • Establish a wellness library/resource center with DVDs, books, magazines on a variety of topics or interest to employees
  • Offer a smoking cessation program